Diana Ramirez


Staying within her comfort zone, Diana wrote her poetry in silence while attending high school. Placing a very long pause on her writing thereafter, she didn't revisit her love of writing until she returned to school at the age of 30. Since then she has been inspired to no longer keep her poetry to herself and instead shares her poems at open mic and various other local poetry events. Her idea to combine art and poetry stemmed from her vision to have her poetry displayed in an exhibit just as art is exhibited. She didn't believe poetry hung on walls would bring much interest, so she thought, why not have artists create art pieces from poems. She took the plunge in 2016 and began her journey to make her dream come true. Words Come to Life was simply an idea and now it is a creation many people believe in. Stepping out of her comfort zone has helped her grow in ways she never thought possible. As a mother of two boys, she hopes to inspire them and at-risk youth to step out of their comfort zones to explore the beauty that lives in them and in this world.

Through her experience as a volunteer recruiter for a local non-profit, she passionately believes in the power of a community. Moreover, her involvement as board member for the Arts Council of Kern and Bakersfield Parent Nursery keeps her exposed to the amazing citizens and pioneers in Kern County.