Save the dates! Words Come to Life 2019: Resilience

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Words Come to Life 2017

The theme for 2017 was Power & Liberation. The event took place on Friday, October 6th from 5pm - 9pm at the Younger Gallery, 1430 Truxtun Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93301

Thank you to the writers, artists, and musicians involved in WCTL 2017. Because of you Words Come to Life: Power&Liberation came to life.

Photos provided by German Cervera @g.e.r.m.s


Artists and Writers

Cristin Celedon, Rico Carrizales, Jessica Ricketts, Karina Corona, Static, Rommel Gotico, Mateo Lara, Ryan, Damian Jackson, Portia Choi, Annis Cassells, Antonio Dominguez,

Adam Craig Richards, Raymund S. Manzanillo, Brandon Menard, B. Shyla Thompson, A. R. Weaver, Noor Qwfan, Jose Lemus, R. Mayte Mendez, Brian Garcia, Philip Garcia II, 

Jorge Guillen, Jennifer Williams, Juan Martinez, Cuca Montoya, Kevin Gardner, Daniel Fonseca, Licet Romero, Linda Parra, Veronica, Alex Gallardo, Brookston Church, Lizbeth,

Vicki Smart.


Marlon Mackey and Stephanie Solis ft. Silo

A very special thank you to writers and artists from Kern Valley State Prison  and local youth who participated in WCTL 2017. Inspiring connections were made!


Check out this video art piece created by artist Noor Qwfan for this year's event. She was inspired by a poem entitled "Liberated" written by local writer mdr. 



Sometimes you need to be locked up
In order to reach out,
Sometimes the power
Embracing your neck,
will liberate you from your
Muted sound,
Exquisite liberation is a recovery
From the illness that flourishes like
A benign tumor we have accepted
As a part of ourselves,
Feeding off the shelves
Which house the books of
Fictional stories,
Traveling story telling
Which rests in our own reflection,
With your dissection
Adapts to what it sees,
And complies to what others believe,
Placing a forceful imperfection
We hold true,
False breeds of litter
That we fail to recognize
As nothing but trash,
Vicious cycle
Of rash spreading on your skin,
A writing on the wall
Written by everyone but you,
Branded effortlessly
And soon
I was branding myself.
No ache,
No resistance,
Full acceptance of the wounds
On my flesh,
A crater filled with every piece of skin
Chipped away,                    
Accumulated waste
Among other rising piles
Of my past corpses,
My current corpses
And the corpse that will die to become
More than expired leftovers,
Chewed away by the critics
Waiting to admire your taste,
But ready to spit you out,
Mold spreading,
Rotting your mouth,
But it's my mouth
That can barely pronounce
A noun,
My name,
Is not the same
sound you've been making,
Inaccurately taking verbs,
But no love to give,
I'm afraid I've lost all my power,
With no one to blame but me,
I'm scared that I've now become,
A creation liberated,    
A merciless beast.


Words Come to Life 2016

The theme behind this event was 'deserted.' Sixteen writers were asked to write poems based on this theme. After the completed poems were submitted, they were distributed to sixteen various visual artists. They gained inspiration from the poems to create their unique artworks. On the day of the event, poems were displayed alongside the art pieces. Writers were encouraged to share their poetry out loud giving the evening a more raw and powerful energy. Local musicians also added soul to the night. 


Thank you to all who participated in 2016; because of you, a vision came to life.

Artists and Writers

Mateo Lara, Cuca Montoya, Juan Martinez, Portia Choi, Mariana Sanchez, Dania Montoya, Antonio Dominguez, Eloisa Montoya, Rommel Gottico, Jorge Guillen, Kimberly, Kaylee, Rico Carrizales, Danny Martinez, Jose lemus, Omar Saenz, Fabian Rizo, Licet Romero, Matthew Rich, Brookston Church, Ludavia Harvey, Kevin Gardner, Deborah Rodenhauser, Jennifer Williams, Linda Parra, Keke West, Jose Citialin, Karina Corona, Val Rodriguez, Stephanie Solis, Silo Ornelas, Marlon Mackey, and Koa Shango

Below are artists, poets, and performers from Words Come to Life 2016

Photos were provided by Martin Chang (